GMS Athletics

The goal of the athletic program at the Governor Morehead School is to allow our students to participate in sports and other recreation and leisure activities with the same opportunities as any other student in public or private schools while providing a healthy and safe environment.

To allow competition with other visually impaired and sighted students from different schools and states, our school participates in the Eastern Athletic Association for the Blind.  We believe athletics enriches student's skills in the areas of sportsmanship and self-discipline. Sports also allow GMS students ample time to work on their Expanded Core Curriculum skills especially in the area of Self-Determination.  

The athletic program at the Governor Morehead School allows for students ages thirteen and above to participate in after school athletics.  Presently we offer wrestling, cheerleading, track and field, and goalball.

Please feel free to contact Ryan Watts, Athletic Director, if you have any questions about the GMS Athletics.

Ryan Watts
(919) 715-5982