Students served by The Governor Morehead School for the Blind will achieve their highest individual potentials through on-going assessments and consistent, enthusiastic practice of high expectation in both academic and Expanded Core Curriculum* areas.


The Governor Morehead School for the blind will encourage all students to strive for the highest levels of educational excellence and integrity in all of life's endeavors, as exemplified by the professionals who serve them.


Th state school for the blind will provide the right resource for the right student at the right time by:

  • Educating the total student through service delivery models including preschool class for

Announcing the 2015 Governor Morehead Summer Program

Do you have students, friends, or family members who would be interested in spending three weeks refining their expanded core curriculum skills?  At The Governor Morehead School, we believe that students learn best and most meaningfully when engaged in relevant, interesting real-life­ community based experiences.  During the 2014 summer program, some of the activities enjoyed by students included:


A group of about 40 visually impaired students from Governor Morehead School for the Blind got up close and personal with clowns, animals and some of the performers during a community outreach program the circus provides during its tour.

GMS Short-Term Sessions 2014-2015

The Governor Morehead School for the Blind is offering nine different one-week Short -Term sessions to students (K-12) with visual impairments from all across North Carolina.  


RALEIGH — Essence Garlington led her fellow cheerleaders by the arm to the center of their school’s gymnasium.

More than a hundred people sat in the old wooden stands, illuminated by light beaming from the second-floor windows.

“GMS students took advantage of the snow to learn more about solids and liquids during their science class.”

Ringling Bros.Barnum & Bailey performers entertain blind students


GMS's Ms. Spruill Recognized by NCDPI as a Teacher of Excellence

GMS’s Ms. Spruill Recognized by NCDPI as a Teacher of Excellence

GMS English language arts teacher, Carolyn Spruill, was recognized as one of the state’s Teacher of Excellence, at the NCDPI’s Annual November 2014 Exceptional Children’s Conference in Greensboro last week. Ms. Spruill is a veteran teacher with 32 years of experience. She provides academic, collegial, and student leadership at The Governor Morehead School for the Blind (GMS).

According to Ms. Barbria Bacon, superintendent of the Education Services for the Deaf and Blind and GMS Director, “Carolyn is an exemplary mentor for initially licensed professionals, assisting new educators in developing and refining their instructional skills while simultaneously guiding them become accomplished teachers of the visually impaired.  During her tenure at GMS, she has provided instruction to elementary, middle, and high school students, developing mastery in both the standard and occupational courses of study.  She routinely expresses interest in increasing her knowledge specific to new curricula, subsequently providing instruction to students in those areas. Most recently, Carolyn broadened her instructional interests to include the occupational course of study, instructing students in that domain, as well as in academic high school language arts. For the last several years, she served as a reading coach to students, working with them to increase both their skills in and love of literature.”

Ms. Bacon said that outside of the classroom, Carolyn has been engaged in a significant number of extracurricular activities. She has been a cheerleading coach, girls track coach, goal ball coach, and she supported students at GMS in their participation in Eastern Athletic Association for Blind activities all along the east coast.  She has been an active member in school improvement initiatives and plans, participated in accreditation exercises (serving in capacities of both chairperson and member), and has provided case management support to a large number of GMS students. Carolyn’s contributions to GMS are varied and many. She is a highly valued and respected colleague and mentor, dedicated to insuring learning and growth in her students.  She holds incredibly high standards for students academically, personally, and behaviorally, and through those expectations, is a tremendous role model for her peers.

(From left, picture shows Mr. Bill Hussey, Director of the Exceptional Children’s Division at DPI; Carolyn Spruilll; and at right, Dr. Tracy Weeks, Chief Academic and Digital Learning Officer at DPI)

Alice Zincone, GMS Teacher, Named NCAEA Special Needs Art Educator of the Year

Alice Zincone, GMS Teacher, Named NCAEA Special Needs Art Educator of the Year 2014-15!

The GMS Campus is jubilant that one of its own, Art Teacher Alice Zincone, has been named the NCAEA (North Carolina Art Education Association) Special Needs Art Educator of the Year 2014-15!

She will receive her award at the NCAEA statewide conference in New Bern being held on October 23-26, 2014.

In addition, at the Conference, Ms. Zincone will be presenting on “Art Experiences for the Blind and Visually Impaired.” This presentation will identify resources within the art room, county and world to help students with visual impairments enjoy the art room experience. High-tech and low-tech materials for adapting lessons or enhancing lessons with more tactile elements will be covered. Samples of student artwork will also be presented. Additionally, an overview of making and using tactile graphics and 3D printing will also be included.

Ms. Zincone attended East Carolina University and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Design in 1989. After working as a jeweler and designer for 7 years she returned to ECU and earned a BFA in Art Education in 1998. She worked for Johnston County and Wake Co. Schools for 7 years before coming to GMS in 2006.  She earned her National Board Certification in Art in 2010 and is a Certified Teacher of the Visually Impaired.  In addition to her art and art education experience, she has experience as a performer, instrumentalist and songwriter and was named as one of ten in the Independent Weekly’s Best Musical Directors in NC (2004) for her participation in Millworker, a locally written and produced play about life in cotton mills in the early 20th century. Ms. Zincone loves all animals, the outdoors, and has 3 cats.

Drum Circle involves students playing hand drums and percussion representing various cultures around the world.  Each session focuses on students demonstrating both individual and collective skills with an emphasis on improvisation.  On this particular occasion one student was asked to demonstrate an improvisation solo.  Another student was then asked to join in with their solo.  Eventually all members of ensemble were performing a form of improvisational counterpoint which provided a highly spirited and exciting session.

Summer Program Music 1
Summer Program Music 2
Summer Program Music 3


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