Instructional Programs

Governor Morehead Instructional Programs

The instructional program at the Governor Morehead School serves students from 5 to 21 years of age. Our curriculum comes from the North Carolina state standards and eligible students earn either a diploma or certificate at graduation.  Our program focuses on both academics and functional instruction in order to meet the educational needs of students with varying cognitive abilities.

The diploma pathways, or standard course of study path, focus on either college or vocational preparation for students; while the certificate pathway, or life skills program, emphasis is on functional skills and community based instruction.

Students at GMS receive instruction from certified teachers of the visually impaired who are knowledgeable about the unique learning experiences specific to students with visual loss. Students have access to current materials and text, ample community experiences, and the most recent technologies in order to assist them with having greater access to the world.

Please feel free to contact Kelly Davis, Principal, if you have any questions about the instructional program.

Kelly Davis
(919) 733-6192