GMS Response to Corona Virus

Dear GMS families,


This letter is in response to the growing concerns across our communities of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in North Carolina. At this point in time, the risk of becoming infected in the state is still low. However, there are measures that we have taken to remain healthy. Governor Morehead School continues to ensure the safety of our students by using standard precautions to minimize the spread of all illnesses. These standard precautions include; sanitizing all surfaces after each use, supplying classrooms and cottages with extra materials (hand sanitizers, Clorox wipes and sprays, tissues, cleaning supplies), educating our students and staff on best practices when it comes to hand washing, covering mouths, not touching faces, and maintaining safe proximity from others.

GMS is consistently monitoring the health of our student population.  Our student health center continues to be our best resource for our students as they vigilantly monitor student health and continue to communicate and coordinate with families as needed. We encourage all our students and staff to monitor their individual health and make a responsible decision when reporting to school or work.

We will continue to watch what is happening in our communities and respond appropriately. It is important that we use standard precautions and are proactive, but we are careful not to cause a panic. As we respond we are committed to ensuring our students receive the best quality education possible under any circumstances. Instructional time will be made-up if needed and we will use all tools available to communicate instructional materials and activities in the event students cannot come to school.

As information from our local leaders is shared, we invite you to share information that is happening in your own families and communities. This will allow us to better understand what is happening around the state where our families are living.  Thank you for your family's continued efforts to prevent the spread of illness. We will continue to communicate information as needed.




Matthew Mescall