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Student Life at The Governor Morehead School includes after school, recreation, residential life and transportation services.  It is motivated by the Student Life Curriculum and the vision to make positive impacts in the social, academic, vocational and personal competencies of blind and visually impaired children.


The Student Life Curriculum

To enable students to be fully integrated into the community and be productive individuals and workers, Student Life has developed a curriculum.  The curriculum is designed to teach students functional living skills and has three main domains:  independent living, recreation/leisure and social/behavioral.  The three domains have units with each having goals containing skills for students who are between the ages of five and twenty-one.   An initial assessment of skills is completed on each student to assist in determining skill level.

Independent Living Domain

  • The Independent Living Curriculum includes instruction to students in the areas of clothing, food and room management as well in personal/hygiene care.  Students learn e.g., proper procedures for dusting, vacuuming and cleaning rooms, setting tables, preparing foods, etc.

Recreation/Leisure Domain

  • The Recreation/Leisure Curriculum includes diverse activities, which nurtures personal development and social interaction.  Students have instruction in arts and crafts, fitness, outdoor and community activities as well as general, leisure skill development. 

Social/Behavioral Domain

  • The Social/Behavioral Curriculum teaches strategies so students can interact positively.  Students learn ways to be able to recognize and express emotions as well as communicate effectively using verbal and non-verbal skills. 

For more information, contact:


Jocelyn Crumble
Student Life Director 
[email protected]
(984) 292-3116
301 Ashe Ave
Raleigh, NC 27606


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