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August 16, 2022
To students, parents, staff, community partners, and alumni,
As we begin the 2022 – 2023 school year, we are excited to welcome students and staff back after what we hope has been a relaxing, enjoyable summer break. GMS’s Leadership Team has been hard at work during the summer to plan for student growth and success. As a part of our planning, we have decided to focus on three key areas of support in the coming year:
Student availability for instruction and assessment: As our GMS families experienced COVID and other challenges, we know that it affected our students, and the community support and resources many of them had locally. As we move into this new year, we are asking families to partner with us to make school attendance a priority. We want to remove barriers that deter our students from the success we know they can achieve academically, socially, and creatively. In order to accomplish this, students must be here to engage with teachers consistently.
Students receiving specially designed instruction with a focus on literacy skills, braille instruction, and assistive technology, as appropriate: We believe one of the major indicators of a student’s academic and social success is being able to engage with meaningful experiences in literacy. Though Braille readers may be slightly less fluent than readers who do not need the assistance of Braille, research supports that many students with visual impairments experience similar learning processes for word and language acquisition, as their non-disabled peers. These are foundations for reading comprehension. We want to identify key areas where our students learn differently, provide intervention, and enhance their areas of strengths through evidence-based practices, and appropriate modifications in literacy and accessibility. No better way to accomplish this than by having this interwoven into our student’s total learning environment.
We will continue to seek and support unique learning opportunities: Whether on-campus or off-campus we will provide students experiences that they would not otherwise receive at the local school level that meet the objectives that provide them the foundation and confidence to meet 21st-century learning expectations while preparing them to successfully enter the workforce and/or continue their educational careers.
In closing, Governor Morehead is currently involved in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan that is on schedule to be unveiled in the Fall of 2022. The Strategic Planning Committee is made of school leaders, teachers, and external stakeholders, including parental input. It will assist in navigating the school’s direction for the next 3-5 years as we grow into an even stronger teaching and learning organization!
Best regards,
Melvin A. Diggs, Jr.

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