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 Greetings: We are looking forward to 2021-2022, and we are grateful for the positive energy, passion, and determination exhibited by students, staff, and families. We are continuing to find new ways to stay motivated and keep moving forward. Our students deserve the best education they can get, and we must always strive to give it to them.
 All that we have learned will continue to serve us well, and we will reach the end of this pandemic together. As a global community, scientists, researchers, and even books and films have predicted the “viral spread gone wild” phenomenon for decades. Rising cases across the state help us feel fortunate to live in a highly vaccinated community committed to each other. Although we are not there yet, what we have already overcome demonstrates our resiliency as medical developments improve daily.
Everyone knew learning during a pandemic wouldn’t be easy, and it was not predicted to be as hard. As we returned with an increase of COVID CASES rising among the unvaccinated, this year seemed daunting. To date, we have had no students and two staff cases from community exposure, THANK YOU, for even as the data was increasing, you brought your best face and attitude to the campus!
On-going safety is everyone’s responsibility, and GMS will continue the safety protocols in place. Our mitigation strategies are outlined in the StrongSchools NC Public Health Toolkit, which guides us throughout this pandemic. Procedural safeguards have been incorporated into GMS Planning, and as metrics evolve and recommendations change, our plans are also updated. As a statewide program, our Safety Plans must include many factors - providing service to multiple communities, we are long distances from student’s homes, and requiring students to remain on campus 6-days a week with other students who may be medically fragile and have underlying conditions. COVID-19 has forced us to think differently about educating our young people - and that’s a good thing! As we continue with the Great Comeback, we have an opportunity of a lifetime to reignite our students’ passion for learning, reimagine learning opportunities, refocus on raising student achievement, and restore a sense of normalcy in the lives of our students and staff. We will continue to embrace the lessons learned as we strive to implement robust learning experiences for our students.
Over this next school year, we look forward to continuing our quest to provide our students with everything they need to become capable, confident, and successful in life. You’ll find caring and dedicated educators and staff who are skilled in knowing your child and bringing out his or her potential. Words are insufficient to fully convey my gratitude and appreciation to you — our students, families, employees, and community partners — for your continued support. Please take special note of our GMS Foundation’s fundraiser coming up on December 4. They really do support our student activities and would welcome your gracious donations.
Let’s make 2021-2022 an exceptional year! 

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