GMS Reaction to State of Emergency

Dear GMS families,

The Governor Morehead School for the Blind continues to monitor corona virus outbreak COVID-19 in North Carolina and is now taking guidance from the Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHS) as a school and residential facility with individuals with underlying health conditions. Governor Roy Cooper has declared a state of emergency in North Carolina, encouraging our schools to take additional precautions.  Under the advisement of DHHS, Governor Morehead will: 

  • Restrict on-campus visitors until further notice
  • Cancel or postpone any off-campus trips going to places where there are large crowds until further notice
  • Cancel or postpone the following events
    • March 13th - EAAB Goalball Tournament in Maryland- CANCELLED
    • March 17th - Carolina Hurricanes Game – CANCELLED
    • March 12th - Human Rights Committee – Conference Call Only
    • March 26th - Career Day – POSTPONED
    • April 16th - Wellness Fair- POSTPONED
    • April 22nd - GMS Participates in Special Olympics- GMS is NOT Attending 
    • April 28th - Mudcats Game- CANCELLED

As of March 10, 2020, the Music Festival in Maryland, Prom, and MAZE Day are all still scheduled; however, we will review the situation and information as it pertains to the virus as we get closer and make timely decisions. Our leadership team will reconvene the week of March 23rd or sooner if needed.  These precautions are in addition to our standard precautions: extra cleaning, educating our students, and vigilantly monitoring our students’ health.

Please continue to watch what is happening in your communities and respond appropriately. We are committed to ensuring our students receive the best quality education possible under any circumstances. We encourage families to make the most responsible decisions for their children. Please continue to use trusted sources of information in making decisions for you and your family. Instructional time will be made up if needed and we will use all tools available to communicate instructional materials and activities in the event students cannot come to school. Thank you for your family’s’ continued efforts to prevent the spread of illness. We will continue to communicate information as needed.