Continued Distance Learning

April 24, 2020


Dear GMS students, families, and staff,


          Today, April 24, 2020, Governor Cooper announced the continuation of remote learning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic calendar.  We are assured that this decision is in the best interests of the safety of all our students, staff, families, and community members.  Plans for graduation, making up instructional time, and summer programming are being developed in response to directives given by the state.  We will share these plans as they are developed.


Our instructional program has responded to this development by creating a more structured student schedule to meet the needs of our students, families, and staff. Students are scheduled for a time throughout the week to meet with their teachers and classmates via a digital platform or call-in number. Students will meet with each teacher of the courses they are enrolled in to continue the class at least one-time per week.


Assignments, check-ins, and instructional support will be provided throughout the week. GMS will focus on supporting student progress and communicating feedback to students. The State Board of Education has approved new grading policies for students in grades K-12 to ensure that no student is negatively impacted by of the transition to remote learning.  More information regarding how these grading policies will be implemented at GMS will be available in May.


Teachers have identified “Office Hours” as a time students and families can have contact with them directly to provide more instructional support as needed.  We encourage students and family support members to communicate with teachers to assist in identifying areas our teachers can better support your child during their Office Hours.


            Service Providers will continue to serve your child, as best possible under the current conditions, as outlined by the IEP.  Services will be provided in many ways including pushing into your child’s class or phone or video calls.


These plans will begin to incorporate into next week’s learning plans.  Students will be contacted by their teachers to begin the process of scheduling classes at the appropriated times. We will work diligently next week to work through challenges as the plan becomes fully implemented. More information on student schedules, office hours, weekly learning plans, and staff communication will be share next week.


Students and families are encouraged to continue using our services. This includes Mr. Jim Tedrow, the school psychologist.  He can continue to provide therapy at the school and is available to students and family members for confidential conversations by phone.  Some of the parameters are noted below:


Psychologist:  James Tedrow (students often refer to as “Mr. Jim”)

Phone: (919) 995-3282


-          If it is an emergency, call 911.

-          Hours for calling: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

-          All calls are confidential

-          If no answer, leave a detailed message.


Lastly, if your family needs assistance, please contact Ms. Shonny Williams, our Social Worker, at 919-413-9653.  Ms. Shonny will continue to host “Chargers Connect”. Students should check their student email accounts for more information on dates and times.



Matthew Mescall

[email protected]