Regarding Summer School, Grades, and The Future

May 13, 2020

Dear GMS students, families, and staff,

We continue to be inspired by our student progress and achievements throughout this challenging remote learning period.  We are thankful for our family’s partnerships in helping to ensure we are still able to connect with our students, no matter the distance and we can maximize student engagement.  Though the learning conditions may not be ideal, and we miss our students dearly, we are thankful for the continued learning and the health of all our students, families, and staff.

There will be no summer programs this year at GMS. The Governor Morehead School Summer Camp that was previously scheduled for June will not be held this year as we adhere to Governor Roy Cooper’s Executive Order 138 which restricts overnight camps due to COVID-19.  While we are once again saddened and disappointed, we are assured this is in the best interests of everyone’s safety. We look forward to providing this opportunity in the future. 

The State Board of Education approved new grading guidelines to accommodate schools' shifts to remote learning.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NC K-12 public schools have been closed for an extended time for in-person instruction.  All NC local education agencies (LEAs) and charter schools continued to engage students through remote learning opportunities to support continued student growth and well-being during this public health crisis.  The State Board of Education wanted to develop a grading policy that positively impacts students with as much grace and generosity as possible. As a result, modifications to how grades are earned are documented on the attached page of this letter. In summary, no fourth quarter grades will be given, and all final grades will be modified as outlined.  Each student will receive an “Area of Strengths and Improvement” summary document as part of their educational record. This document will be shared with next year's teachers so instruction can cover material that may have been missed. 

Our last day of remote learning for the 2019-2020 school year is June 3. On June 6, GMS staff will again go out on our routes to collect student equipment that was borrowed from the 2019-2020 school year. This includes all computers, iPad, braillers, and assistive technology that belongs to the school. Our team needs the equipment to inventory and to provide the needed maintenance and updates to all our software’s and hard drives. Please plan on being available at your child’s stop to give back this equipment. Mrs. Laura Wooten will be reaching out to provide more information on times and locations. We sincerely appreciate your help with this important matter.

We would like for families to provide feedback on their students’ remote learning experience so far at GMS. The survey is designed to help us improve remote learning. Please complete the survey by May 27:

As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.  We wish you continued health as we get through these challenging times together.


Matthew Mescall


Governor Morehead School