GMS Holiday Info Update

November 18, 2020

Greeting Governor Morehead School Students, Families and Staff,

Hopefully, this communication finds you well during what is being called the Second Wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate your resilience and determination (a phrase developed by the K-12 program) as we continue to battle “Pandemic Fatigue.”  After Phases 1, 2, and the continuation of Phase 3, to slow down the spread of the virus,  as well as, Plans A, B, & C, to return students to in-person learning, we remain committed to keeping up our guard and observing the necessary precautions.

The Department of Health and Human Services presented the following information at the November 5th State Board of Education Meeting:

  • There are 282,802 total cases reported from Child Care, Schools, and Higher Education.
  • 297 cases associated with K-12 clusters are currently active, of which 182 are students, and 115 are the staff.
  • The percent of positive tests has not been below 5% since October 6, 2020.
  • Cases are increasing in rural counties more quickly than urban or suburban counties.
  • Statewide Percent Positive by County: (16 counties do not have data)
    • 56 Counties have a Percent Positive Rate from 4 – 6%.
    • 28 Counties have a Percent Positive Rate from 7 – 9%.
    • 14 Counties have a Percent Positive rate from 10 – 15%.
    • 1 County has a Percent Positive Rate greater than 15%.

As the indicators that we have been monitoring continue to increase, the Governor Morehead School will continue Remote Learning with students through the end of the first semester. It is essential that students and families remain committed to this learning strategy as we keep our children safe.

The tentative plan is for staff to return from the Winter Holiday, continue remote learning, complete updated COVID-19 training, and transition into their regular shifts. As the spread of the COVID-19 virus decreases and the trajectory guidelines are met and sustained, students may be able to return on or about Sunday, January 24, 2021. This may also provide the opportunity for a week of asynchronous learning to assist with the transition planning prior to the student's return.

This tentative plan will allow parents to bring their child’s belongings for their separate (1 student per room) bedroom. At that time, parents and staff can also review registration forms, second-semester schedules, and other information, as well as update medical orders and medications. Everyone’s goal is to return students to in-person learning as safely and as quickly as possible.

In closing, please review the K-12 Holiday Packet developed by the Department of Health and Human Services, and during this season of THANKSGIVING, join us in giving thanks for:

  • The safety of our students and families.
  • Their determination and resilience as they learn remotely.
  • The support and caring of the parents and families.
  • The dedication of staff as they continue to develop and implement motivating instructional activities,
  • The fortitude of staff as they provide transportation for the students to have equipment, materials, and meals
  • The leadership of the Administrative Team, and
  • The army of volunteers continuing their service to GMS on our Advisory Council, Alumni Association, Governor Morehead Foundation, Human Rights Committee, Parent Community Committee, and the North Carolina Garden Club.

Thank you for your attention and understanding. Have a Safe and Blessed Thanksgiving, enjoying family and friends in a manner that is safe for all!


Barbria Bacon