January GMS Newsletter


 January 8, 2021

Dear Governor Morehead School Community,


Hopefully, you were all able to enjoy a delightful holiday season, albeit different from any

celebrations in the past. Many were not sad to see 2020 go and welcomed the New Year and its



This season was also diminished by the loss of a bright light, a student, and a friend. Our student

Danielle Jones passing on Christmas Day left a legacy of determination, friendliness, and love that

lives on in the hearts of those who knew her. As we continue to heal day-by-day, may we support

our children, the Jones Family, staff, friends, and each other.


Encouragement is also extended to GMS families as more are impacted by the increasing spread

of the COVID-19 virus. Many folks have relatives and friends worldwide, several, being affected

by the pandemic’s expanding reach across several continents. This week’s data (1/6/21) reports:

3,290,000,000 cases in the world; 20,825,758 cases in the nation; 575,396 cases in North Carolina

(16.2 daily percent positive); and 48,580 in Wake County has begun to affect our friends and

families. There have also been 319 cases reported in Residential Care Facilities, and an increased

effort to have people continue safe practices outlined at the beginning of the pandemic.


We will continue Remote Learning as we begin the second (2nd) Semester. This is the safest

plan as cases of COVID-19 continue to increase as they have done since our last communication.

However, if there is a significant improvement, which could happen rapidly, with the distribution

of vaccines, there will be an announcement of any change.


A couple of reminders: Friday, January 15, 2021, is a Teacher Workday, and Monday, January 18,

2021, is the Martin Luther King Holiday (classes will not be scheduled for those 2 days). When

remote learning resumes on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, the Class Schedule will change for the

second (2nd) semester.


We thank you for your continued support and feedback. A survey (100% participation) conducted

before the holiday break indicated that parents had the following views:


1. If we can bring students back on campus, would they be sending their child back to inperson school? Or would they remain remote?

In-Person – 57%, Remain Remote – 28.5% , Undecided – 6%

2. If there is a vaccine available will their child receive the vaccine?

No – 38%, Undecided – 19%, Yes – 12%, Most Likely – 9.5%


COVID-19 data and the trends will hopefully improve with the administration of vaccines (for

students and staff) and measures implemented to “slow the spread” of the virus. I share thoughts

from an article: “Kids Are NOT Falling Behind. They Are Surviving a Pandemic” in this clickable

link. (https://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/24/kids-are-not-falling-behind-they-are-surviving-pandemic)


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.





Barbria Bacon