GMS Newsletter for March 2022

Dear Governor Morehead School Community,



As Governor Morehead School students and staff roll into the 2nd semester, it is full steam ahead. As you will see in this newsletter, there are many great things happening in our classrooms and in our community. Our 3rd quarter ends March 22nd with a staff workday (no school) on March 25th. We continue to be grateful for all the support our students’ families are providing and their partnership throughout this time, as well as the determination our students are demonstrating.  Our students have returned to full on-campus learning and are benefiting greatly from being immersed in campus life.  See the attached newsletter for our Spirit Week recap and all-star students.


(Picture description of bulletin board with hearts messages of “Things I Love About GMS…”)



This month we have state testing including ACT, College and Career Readiness Alternate Assessments, and NC Extend 1 Grade 11 assessments. The assessment score is only one of many indicators of how well our students are achieving this school year. A test score is never viewed in isolation and is not an indicator of classroom performance. Instead, GMS collects a variety of information on how students are performing when discussing and making team academic plans and decisions for our students. These results provide additional information about students to help improve instruction and guide students’ learning needs.



Summer Program 2022: We have begun planning for a Summer Program. The program will take place June 13th  to July 1st . The program will include educational opportunities in a fun and engaging way that promotes more than just academics but the opportunity to play games, participate in outdoor activities, and be with friends safely. Registration is coming soon.  


Lastly, we are always seeking ways we can best serve our students and our families. Please do not hesitate to reach out to share your experiences with GMS. We wish you continued health and our best.




Matthew Mescall

Governor Morehead Principal