Video Transcript » Bridging the Past, Excelling the Present & Brightening the Vision for Tomorrow

Bridging the Past, Excelling the Present & Brightening the Vision for Tomorrow

GMS has made my life easier and that we have found the perfect fit for our son. She's back to loving school, wanting to come to school. She's back to thriving and learning and not feeling kind of singled out. They have really opened doors for him and I feel now very confident that he will succeed. You know her sparkles back she's loving school again and that makes me happy. Governor Morehead School serves in as a jewel in the crown of Education in North Carolina. During our illustrious 170 years we have grown and changed with the community and continue to provide state of the art services for our students. Our goal is to support their learning to give them whatever they need to make sure that they are successful. I think for the first time we're really in a good position to increase the number of employment opportunities that are available for our students, but more importantly to give them the skills that they need to go into the workforce. I feel like with Wesley being here that now he does have a bright future because this school has given him tools to succeed. The people that serve them allow no barriers to standing in the way. The kids inspire me every day because a lot of the kids say can't, but that really makes me happy when they say I can after they performance a skill. Whenever I'm stressed or confused about anything the teachers always there to help when they just tell you never give up you're trying to do everything. I felt like there was something missing at her public school. Class size was so large she was getting lost in the crowd and I don't really feel like she was getting really what she deserve that at school. I was a little scared to meet the new people that I didn't know, but I was very excited to meet the people that had the same conditions I did. Parents number one love the fact that their kids come here and are with other students who are like their own children. And they go from being a child or student being a really small fish in a really big pond, where they kind of stand out and their different to a place where everybody else is just a like them and it does wonders for their self esteem for their socialization skills and I think that's something that parents really value. We also offer services that children don't necessarily get in their Public Schools. So our children are allowed to develop the skills that are necessary. The leadership opportunities they are student council presidents and vice presidents, they belong to the Honor Society. Those areas of instruction are provided in this environment at more intensive level than they can often get in their home communities. My favorite part of the school is gym and sports. The people are always nice and they always help you out. Science. why is that what? Science is fun. What would you say that you love the most about the school? To be honest everything. Everything. The thing I love most is just a sense of community. That's what makes this place so special is the team that we have assembled over the years. The faculty is very committed to children it's a very much a family atmosphere. It just seems more like a big family and that's nice.