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I am Traci Wilkerson and a mother of two visually impaired kids, both use braille, technology and white canes. I have raised them with the belief that life experiences are the most important! They need to get their hands on and hands dirty to develop concepts.  We have always held high expectations for our kids. Now, my daughter is at Liberty University and my son is in high school (with one of the state's virtual schools) and a swimmer aiming for the 2024 Paralympics. We have had many challenges and some days I wish they didn’t have to fight these same battles over and over.  My son reminds me that they will always have these battles, but he handles it with good humor and lightheartedness and doesn’t let them get him down.  We have always tried to have a good sense of humor about the challenges my children and our family has faced. 


To help my children as they grew up, I returned to school for an Orientation and Mobility degree.  It took me about 10+ years to complete, but I am now an O&M and currently working.  I am also a braille transcriber and love working with math and Nemeth!


I hope to be the best advocate for the visually impaired children of NC.  I will hold high expectations for all of them as I have for my own children.  I believe it truly makes a difference!